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Down and Out

Posted by Iz A. Bella on November 8, 2010 at 12:28 AM


What do you do when it feels as if the world is closing in on you?  Do you cry? Do you wish to die? Do you scream? Do you wish to run away?

Everyone has "down" days, the ones where you wish you could go back to sleep and begin the day again, days in which you wish you'd never been born or perhaps that circumstances could be different.  When faced with days such is this, what brings relief?  I can say in my own life that discovering my positive outlets has helped me immensely when I feel troubled and at my wits end.  An outlet is that which helps one relieve the stress held within, the stress that can cause other symptoms and effects such as illness, pain and unfortunately, for some, depression. 

My personal outlets, things that make me happy are varied.  One of my favorites is writing poetry.  Poetry, for me, can come in many moods, from sadness, happiness, pain, wonder and frustration.  For me, poetry is a voice to be heard, a point of view expressed in an artistic fashion.  It's  a place where creativity can run freely and is limited only by one's own mind.

Another favorite outlet of mine is talking.  If you know someone that you're able to trust the secrets of your life and soul with, hold on to them and don't be afraid to use them as a sounding board when you need them.  Often when a person hears the story of another, they can provide a different perspective.  So, not only does the person help you get the concern "off your chest", but it provides the opportunity for another point of view that may end up being of great value.

So, find that which helps you overcome. For some it is the physical activity that a sport can provide or listening or playing music, prayerful reflection or journaling.  Seek and find.....your health and mind will thank you for it. <3  

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